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ANZAC Day offical Dawn Service being held out Bomana Cemetery. Join 1 of our 3 options to trek Kokoda during the ANZAC Day period

Trek kokoda over 9 days, explore the rich jungle and battle site history of the Trail. Call Shane (owner and lead trek Guide) to discuss how to complete this amazing journey. Please register your interest. Book us by consultation by calling/texting 0422372273 or email

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PVT Guy Fisher group have reached their final night on the Track at camp Goodwater. The team arrived at lunchtime and the group are still feeling strong.

Our fantastic guide Gary Porter labelled the group as a great bunch of guys including one solo lady who have all bonded well together as a team.

Today the team walked through the many creek crossings of Ua Ule creek a pristine body of water and amazing Eco system.

Imita ridge was the last major ascent for the team where our PNG guides awaited them.

During the final afternoon on the track together with our team the realisation sets in the goal of walking the Kokoda Track has almost been accomplished.

For many participants this moment is bitter sweet (as Gordon Graham describes it) as you are excited to finish, to go home and see your loved ones, however your internal happiness the last 8 days has brought you leaves you with this empty feeling that the journey is all but completed.

This afternoon they all had a swim while our PNG guides prepare their meals.
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PVT Fisher Kokoda Trek
Nauro - Iorobaiwa

Today was another hot dry day on the Track. Its been a tough day enduring the 9 False Peaks which can be quite disheartening, just when you think you've hit the last one there is one more.. Descending down the Japanese Ladder it was onward to Ofi Creek for lunch and a well deserved rest, Ofi is another beautiful location amongst many along Kokoda.
The team arrived into Ioribaiwa by 3pm this afternoon, the group is currently watching the "perfect sunset" over the valley.
Historically, the trekkers passed the furthest point that the main body of the Japanese Forces advanced to during the Kokoda Campaign. To this day, there are reminders of the War with Japanese and Australian Trenches scaring the landscape some 76 years later.

Tomorrow its Camp Goodwater and river crossing day for their last night on the Track.
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PVT Fisher Kokoda Trek
Brigade Hill - Nauro

The team attended a very special Dawn Service this morning on Brigade Hill that will stay imbedded into their memories. The eeriness of Brigade Hill is so strong you can almost feel the presence of the soldiers who fought and died here.

After service it was on to Menari for morning tea and Agulogo for lunch.

The team arrived safely into Nauro village at 4.30 this afternoon.

A few sore aching bodies, but all are going strong.

Tomorrow its Irobaiwa.
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PVT Fisher Kokoda Trek
Camp 1900-Brigade Hill

After a cool night at Camp 1900, the team made their way to Brigade Hill arriving by 4pm.

This morning they stopped at Naduri for morning tea, Naduri is the home of the late Ovuru Idiki who sadly passed away in November 2013. Ovuru was one of the last Fuzzy Fuzzy Angels who served during the Kokoda Campaign. Trekkers are able to visit his memorial and tomb to pay their respects and gratitude.
It was then onto Efogi for lunch.

All are doing exceptionally well.

Tomorrow its onward to Nauro.
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PVT Fisher Kokoda Trek
Eora Creek - Camp 1900

Today was a long hard days hiking for the team, seeing them reach the highest point on the Kokoda Track.
After spending 2 hours of solid climbing and descending past many Australian Weapon pits, the team stoped into Templeton's Crossing for morning tea, it was then onward to Dump 1 for lunch.
Hiking up Mt Bellamy, the group stopped to take in the breath taking views of the Kokoda Gap. They arrived into Camp 1900 by 3.45pm

Everyones in high spirits, washing up and preparing for tomorrow while the boys cook them up a well earned hot dinner. Tonight will be the coldest night on the track with temperatures reaching as low as 3 degrees.

Tomorrow its Brigade Hill.

Keeping their priorities in check! Can anyone help me out with the World Cup Cricket scores? 😂 The group are eager to know 😉
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