About Us

Escape Trekking Adventures is an AUSTRALIAN based company that is driven to provide adventure based treks all over world.

The Kokoda track is our bread and butter trek, where we provide high quality treks to the historians, adventurous and nature lovers a like.

Formally Investa Treks, Escape Trekking Adventures rebranded it’s self and changed management in 2013 as a family run business when purchased from the Salvation Army.

We are here to provide a reliable service for you to take on these once in a lifetime adventures with less stress as we manage things for you.

During Shane’s first Kokoda trek in 2012 (having already trekked elsewhere around the world) he had already decided after only two days into the trek that he would be returning to relive the experience all over again.

Over the next 12 months Shane returned again and again including a trip with his wife Tina to spend their wedding anniversary on the Kokoda track at brigade hill.

After completing another trip Shane was approached about buying the business, where he grab the offer to walk and live his dream.

Along with Shane his wife Tina runs the business based upon family values and a high respect for the local people in Papua New Guinea.

This relationship between the two allows for the local villages to prosper while maintaining their culture. Escape Trekking Adventures seeks to support communities through raising funds and providing resources to complete such work. All people from the skilled to the unskilled are invited to get involved.

We provide employment to the local villages and are a licensed Kokoda Track Authority Operator. With individuals and groups coming from around Australia and abroad, our experienced team shares the history, beauty and culture of Papua New Guinea.

The safety of our trekkers is paramount, we carry the latest Satellite Phones, Radios and Emergency Equipment needed to ensure our trekkers well cared for and have the best possible care available.

Kokoda is just the tip of the ice burg with Escape Trekking Adventures and we offer many other trips to other destinations around the world through our contacts in the global trekking community.


Shane & Tina