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Getting Healthy for 2017

Getting healthy for 2017   With Christmas and the new years celebrations behind you what do you plan to do with yourself in 2017!   If you are like me you battle with the bulge every year over the Christmas period with all the extravert food on offer and add to the mixture some beverages [...]
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Wear your trekking boots on the international flight

Wear your trekking shoes on board your international flight and ensure you pack in your carry on luggage your trekking cloths and sleeping bag. From time to time the airlines loose passengers bags and these may not be recovered before your trek starts. These items can be difficult to replace in Port Moresby.
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Gym Lycra Pants For Trekking

You don't need to spend large amounts of money on all of your trekking gear, for instances look at these lycra pants you can get from K Mart or Big W for as little as $10. These are an essential item to keep prickly heat and chaffing at bay.
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Hand Sanitiser and hygiene while trekking

Hand Sanitiser and hygiene while trekking Hand Sanitiser and hygiene while trekking Kokoda   I cannot stress the importance of your own hygiene while trekking Kokoda, traveling or any other group outdoor activity.   One person gets a bug from poor hygiene and it can rip through the whole group in a flash with a [...]
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How to load your backpack for trekking the Kokoda trail, Mt Kilimanjaro and more

You could be trekking along the trails of Nepal on your way to Everest Base Camp or sliding down the mountains of the Kokoda trail or even standing at the summit of Kilimanjaro you will need to know how to load your back pack to ensure a safe and stable load is attached to your [...]
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