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5 of the best hikes from around the world

5 of the best hikes from around the world   1 Kokoda Trail Papua New Guinea This has become somewhat of an Australian pilgrimage through out the years and after the year 2000 it really took off.   While Australian’s have an emotional connection with the place we have seen the numbers of international travelers [...]
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Why trek with Escape Trekking Adventures

Whether you are trekking Kilimanjaro, Kokoda or climbing in Nepal, it really requires a lot of specialist knowledge. It is of course very easy for people to look on the internet and find tours- but it is a mine field out there. The most important thing to remember is the quality of the of tour [...]
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How to load your backpack for trekking the Kokoda trail, Mt Kilimanjaro and more

You could be trekking along the trails of Nepal on your way to Everest Base Camp or sliding down the mountains of the Kokoda trail or even standing at the summit of Kilimanjaro you will need to know how to load your back pack to ensure a safe and stable load is attached to your [...]
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