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Everest Base Camp

The way to Everest Base Camp Everest Base Camp The Arrival EBC1 spent late October and November trekking their way through the Khumbu valley of Nepal reaching the heights of Kalapater at 5545m above sea level before spending a couple of days relaxing in Namche Bazar. Nepal is sandwiched between Tibet (China) in the north [...]
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Kokoda Team 8 2016

The T8 trek kicked off when ETA staff met our 4 keen trekkers at the airport, we then took the shuttle to the Ela Beach Hotel andĀ  everyone got settled in their rooms, and prepared for the adventure to start the next morning. The next day we met Andy, Soddy and some of our other [...]
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Kokoda Team 7 2016

Team 7 Team 7 set off on a 9 day Kokoda and 2 day Northern beach tour from North to South (Kokoda to Owers'). The team began the tour well with only 1 person sleeping in, not mentioning any namesĀ (Shane). The crisis was adverted by Griger who came to Bosso's aid and making the airport [...]
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Kokoda Team 6 2016

Kokoda Team 6 2016 This was our first tour back on the track after our Anzac Day tour, and what a great trip and group this turned out to be. Being one of our larger groups for the year (in fact 2016's largest for ETA) we set off on a 9 day Kokoda to Owers' [...]
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Kokoda track tour team 7

Kokoda track tour team 7 Team 7 power on over the Kokoda Track experiencing the mud, rain and blistering heat that Kokoda can bring. The make up of the team consisted of the the Kimba crew, 3 youths on a sponsorship program through the Lions club, Tim (a local Kimba businessman and ETA), 3 mates [...]
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