cleaning your water bladders

Cleaning Your Water Bladders

Cleaning your water bladder prior to your adventure travel tour could well benefit the bladder prior to going.

Check the bladder for large debris and mould or fungi growth.

Check the bladder for leaks. Fill bladder 3/4 full and squeeze gently to see if any air or water can be seen leaking from the bladder.

Check mouth pieces and mouth piece covers for mould and fungi growing in them.

Check the rubber O rings for cracks or visible signs of fraying. Replace these parts or purchase a new bladder.

Most bladder manufacturers have developed their own cleaning kits. These kits generally compose of a couple of different sized brushes, cleaning tablets and maybe a plastic clip to hold the walls of the bladder apart while it dries. These will be fine for regular cleaning jobs.

Alternatively you can use the sort of detergent you’d clean a baby bottle with, such as NUK Baby Bottle Cleanser available at places like target.

If there is stubborn build up inside you may need something more serious than a brush, and that’s when you need effervescent cleaning tablets. Please check that your bladder brand is compatible with these tablets.

Please ensure you hang them upside down to dry fully before storing, a paper towel holder is the perfect tool to use to dry your bladder.

Make sure after cleaning your water bladder that you don’t put flavoured mixes into the water that is in your bladder, this is a fool proof way to encourage mould and fungi growth.