Eco Sustainable Tourism Policy

Eco sustainable tourism policy

Environmentally sustainable tourism is the only way forward for adventure travel with the complex nature of biodiversity of our systems in which we escape to.

Biodiversity is vital in supporting human life on planet earth and our interactions, as adventure travelers impact this lightly with good practices.

Escape Trekking Adventures is committed to the following:

Protect critical habitats

Protection of critical habitats and the area we tour is essential to maintaining the environment and historical learning’s to spread from generation to generation.

We may from time to time avoid highly critical areas for the benefit of that habitat in danger.

Avoid disturbing wildlife

Viewing animals is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Our tours ensure we don’t encroach on the wildlife’s habitats endangering their very survival.

Reduce habitat loss and degradation

We are committed to see the habitats in the areas we travel to remain the same as we encountered them. ETA will not participate in the degradation of habitats nor support landowners or developers who do with out assessing the Eco system and it’s damages.


Tread lightly avoiding damage to wildlife habitat

Whenever possible we will remain on designated trails, avoiding short cuts across bends in the trail. Soil erosion has become a real problem for wilderness areas with high foot traffic. Staying on the trail will avoid wide spread erosion.

ETA on camping tours takes steps to see that the proper disposal of rubbish in bags and placed into landfill. We do not condone the littering of the Eco systems including cigarette butts.

Reduce pollution in streams and oceans

Use wilderness wash in streams or better still avoid soap altogether. Do not directly tip your meal scraps into stream and ensure your toilet breaks are more than 100m from any water way. Removal of all sanitary items into correct bins is essential.