Fitness & Preparation

Fitness & Preparation

The correct Fitness & Preparation is critical to what ever adventure travel you decide to choose anywhere in the world.

It would be impossible to place all tour preparation in the same category and training plan, for example Everest Base Camp requires you to focus on stairs and Kokoda on off trail walking.

Tours to the Western Front and Borneo need limited fitness and preparation and most people could walk up off the street and join our tour.

When selecting your adventure travel operator ensure they have specific training plans and ask the person you are dealing with of they have ever actually done any remote trekking for more than 5 consecutive days. It is vital that you are dealing with an expert someone who is qualified in outdoor recreation. Being a qualified trainer is one thing to help train people in controlled environments however once in the wild guides and businesses that are outdoor recreation companies will ensure you have that trusted level of safety and control.

Our training plans have been hand crafted with outdoor recreation guides and personal trainers to deliver you the right planning and preparation for you adventure.

Ensure that you allow sufficient time for your fitness & preparation for your adventure travels, 2-3 months is the  minimum amount of time for fitness & preparation most tours.

See our individual tours for examples of training and preparation required for each tour.