Money for PNG

Money for PNG

Money for PNG

Money matters for PNG and while trekking Kokoda or Mt Wilhelm

The currency of Papua New Guinea is Kina.

Notes are called Kina, pronounced as (keen a), symbol is (PGK)
Coins are called Toea, pronounced as (toy a), symbol is (t)

The PNG exchange rate against the Australian dollar fluctuates constantly.
Currently the exchange rate is approximately:
AUD 1 = PGK 1.85

Spending amounts vary and running short of money on the track is undesired, many clients will spend more or less depending on their desires.

Personal porter tip 80-100k
Group Porter Tip 80-100k
Carved wooden pole 50k
9 Drinks 63k
9 Twisties 27k
Billum and beanie 130k
Fruit 15k
Total 485k this does not include any extras you may purchase from shops in Popondetta or Kokoda so I would allow for 550 Kina to ensure you don’t run out.

Spending money in Port Moresby will also vary, do you drink alcohol if so it cost dearly in PNG, how many souvenirs do you wish to purchase and so on.

Breakfast at the Hotel is 40 Kina and night time meals range from 30 Kina all the way up to 80 Kina for steak. Beers ar 14-16 Kina each and spirits about the same maybe a little more. I would allow for 500 Kina for spending in Port Moresby bring the total to 1050 Kina.

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