Personal Snacks For Kokoda

Personal Snacks For Kokoda

While we give ample food as mentioned above, we realise that some people have larger appetites and cravings.

For this reason we suggest that trekkers bring their favorite snacks to Kokoda, lollies etc for in between meals and for extra energy while trekking.

Possible suggestions include: Muslie Bars, Lollies, Trail Mix, Space Food sticks, dried fruit, nuts.

9-12 snack bars or 9-12 70 gram serves of trail mix are the recommended amounts that you will require, please do not bring more than these amounts weight in your packs and on the flights are limited.

Purchase these in Australia and bring them with you.

Please be sure to leave all food that you bring sealed in packets to get through quarantine/customs and separate these on the first night in Papua New Guinea.

Most days on Kokoda you will be presented with fruit and snacks, which you can purchase from the local villages. These snacks can vary from the packet of chips and cans of soft drink to freshly grown fruit and vegetables.

When purchasing any fruit and vegetable from a foreign source you should always apply the rule if you can’t peel it or it hasn’t been cooked then don’t eat it.

One thing to be wary of is sweet potato chips deep fried in old and contaminated oils, these oils may have been exposed raw meats. The oils may have not been hot enough to kill all bacteria present in the oil.

You are perfectly safe to purchase the corn, avocados, pineapples, passion fruit, sweet potato and tomato’s (if used in cooking).

Try the local produce as it is some of the best tasting and pure foods in the world, we often resupply our vegetable stock from these villages.

Please avoid local meats unless given the ok by your guides as it must have been killed and slaughtered correctly and with uncontaminated equipment.