Responsible Travel

Escape Trekking Adventures Responsible Travel Policy

Cultural, Environmental, Safety, Enjoyment, Economic

We ensure we employ a cross section of the communities where we travel to provide a wide disbursal of funds.

Where possible we spend our funds in the country we are touring.

We treat our local agents, employees and businesses with the same respect as we have come to expect in our western society.

Escape Trekking Adventures prefer to employ people over mechanized or animal assistance. We believe our funds are far better being spread over a large porter team rather than a transport or animal owner.

We believe in providing our local teams with the right gear to carry out their functions safely. Our crews have access to their own first aid equipment and training.

We are simply not happy enough with providing the fruits of our labor to the local communities, we wish to teach them how to plant, grow and cultivate fruits of their own.

We enjoy traveling and so do our crews, this is evident on our escapes with happy and fun tours.