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Roman palm IV

For $110 or less the Roman palm IV are a good value Sleeping bag. If you find you are a cold sleeper a set of long thermal underwear should slove any issues with the cold nights on the Kokoda trail. All the new Palms are EN tested which means they have been laboratory tested to [...]
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Getting Healthy for 2017

Getting healthy for 2017   With Christmas and the new years celebrations behind you what do you plan to do with yourself in 2017!   If you are like me you battle with the bulge every year over the Christmas period with all the extravert food on offer and add to the mixture some beverages [...]
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Kokoda Trail Papua New Guinea

Kokoda Trail Papua New Guinea Kokoda has become a form of a pilgrimage for many Australian’s in the past 10 years; others tackle this trail to tick another challenge of their bucket lists, while some just want adventure and to experience a different culture.   Papua New Guinea is a developing nation that has seen [...]
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5 of the best hikes from around the world

5 of the best hikes from around the world   1 Kokoda Trail Papua New Guinea This has become somewhat of an Australian pilgrimage through out the years and after the year 2000 it really took off.   While Australian’s have an emotional connection with the place we have seen the numbers of international travelers [...]
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Kokoda track tour team 7

Kokoda track tour team 7 Team 7 power on over the Kokoda Track experiencing the mud, rain and blistering heat that Kokoda can bring. The make up of the team consisted of the the Kimba crew, 3 youths on a sponsorship program through the Lions club, Tim (a local Kimba businessman and ETA), 3 mates [...]
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