Waterproofing Your sleeping Bag

Waterproofing Your sleeping Bag

Waterproofing your sleeping bag is the most important thing you should do with all of your equipment. Wet clothing or ruined electrical equipment may be a costly and really annoying however a wet sleeping bag can be life threatening. A dry place to lay your head at the end of each day is vitally important to staying safe while adventure traveling.

We recommend you use a Sea to Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack to keep your sleeping bag dry. This for several reasons.

If your water bladder was to leaked or be spilled inside your pack your sleeping bag wouldn’t get soaked.

Secondly, if crossing any waterways and your bag was to end up in the river you would want to keep the sleeping bag as dry as possible.

Finally, if you are caught in heavy down pour when establishing a campsite you can remove your sleeping bag from your pack to get to your tent without it getting drenched.

We a compression sack because it enables you to minimise the sleeping bag space and have more room inside your pack.

I use a medium size compression sack (some may only need a small, depending on the size of your sleeping bag) and inside it I will place my sleeping bag and my night time sleep wear (shirt, pants, sock, beanie). This means at night you can pack away all other items you will not need in the morning only leaving you the tent and you bedding equipment to pack up in the morning.

Remember waterproofing your sleeping bag is the most important piece of equipment to look after and we encourage you to spend the money on this if it is the only dry bag you can afford.